First Bus in Doncaster kicks off Pride celebrations in 2024 with a dedicated bus design for the city.

  • Today, June 11th saw First Bus unveil it's dedicated bus design to kickstart Pride celebrations in Doncaster
  • The main Pride event in Doncaster will take place on 10 August at Townfields in Doncaster, First Bus will be offering free travel to the event.

First Bus has kickstarted this years Pride celebrations in Doncaster by unveiling an iconic designthat is being displayed on one of its buses. The people of Doncaster will see it travelling around the city across the bus network where everyone can see the images and massages portrayed on the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

The bus was unveiled today at lunchtime in Gresley Square by Mayor Ros Jones and TV personality Matt Jameson who were centre stage and were joined by representatives of the LGBTQ+ community, businesses, support services and public.


This year, Doncaster is set to host its biggest and most ambitious event yet, and as UK Pride Host City will put Doncaster proudly on the map. Pride events are important as they raise the profile of the LGBTQ+ community, celebrate the culture and heritage and campaign for much-needed support to bring about inclusion and end discrimination.

The main Pride event in Doncaster will take place on 10 August at Townfields in Doncaster, First Bus will be offering free travel to the event. The dedicated bus will be leading the parade and will also be at the Savoy cinema for special film screening of ‘Pride’ on 9th August

Peter Mair, Operations Manager at First Doncaster said:

"We are honoured to be providing a bus to kickstart the Pride celebrations in 2024, especially with Doncaster being the host city within the UK. The bus was unveiled today by TV personality Matt Jameson and Mayor Ros Jones at Gresley Square at lunchtime with a huge gathering to join in the celebration.  We have worked closely with Doncaster Pride and designers to provide a bus livery that reflects the importance of Pride, and we’re delighted that First Bus are able to play a part in LGBTQ+ history today.”  

Jen Dewsnap, Chairperson Doncaster Pride said: 

"We are so thrilled to see the bus completed, and can't wait to see it in service. Having our messages and our branding travelling all over Doncaster in the run up to the Pride main event in August is so exciting and very, very important. 

"Being chosen as Uk Pride Host City for 2024 is a chance for Doncaster Pride and the whole of Doncaster to show, not only our commitment to delivering a great event but also to the LGBT+ community. We are really grateful to First South Yorkshire because support doesn't come much more visible than a bright yellow double-decker bus driving all over Doncaster. It is though much more than that, we know First have equality at their heart and we know they want to demonstrate that to their staff and to the public. We love it and we are so very, very proud to have first on our sponsor team for 2024."

Civic Mayor, Duncan Anderson said:

“Pride must continue to stand up for all parts of our community, continue to be a celebration of vibrancy and vitality, continue as a show of solidarity and defiance.

“Pride is many things; a protest, a party, a show of community and of love, it is beautiful and it is joyful but above all it is essential.
“So for the work they have done, and the work I know they will continue to do, I would like to thank the Pride committee from the bottom of my heart.”